Once your site goes live, you need someone to make sure it stays that way. We've got you covered.

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Hosting, Setup & Migration

Don't know where to start? We can handle everything from your new domain name, to your fancy new WordPress install.

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Design &

We have the experience and the know-how to turn your ideas into awesome Wordpress driven sites.

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Our Monthly Support Service

Let us take care of everything. We will manage your website, so you can manage your business.

Don't wait until it's too late

Your time is valuable, don't let it go to waste. We keep off-site backups to ensure that your website can quickly be restored within minutes should something go terribly wrong.

Our backup service includes

  • Offsite backups, unaffected by your servers.
  • Ability to restore your site remotely.
  • Access backups at any time, from any time.
  • Quick and painless recovery.

Unparalleled Support & Protection

Not all threats are visible. It takes constant vigilance to ensure your site is safe from harm. Our systems scan regularly to ensure you're not under attack - or susceptible to one. We use trusted tools like Sucuri and our own applications.

We also offer an audit service to thoroughly examine your site for security risks.

We help protect against

  • Unauthorized Code Injectors
  • Backdoors
  • Malicious Code
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Malware
  • Other security risks

Extensive Site Monitoring

Our Service is like having the top of the line security system along with a personal bodyguard. We watch over your site 24/7, and our team knows exactly what to look for in the event of an outage. Our monitoring system instantly alerts us if your site ever goes offline.

Our backup service includes

  • Uptime monitoring including alerts when your site goes down.
  • Statistics that reveal your web hosts reliability.
  • Know that your site is down the minute it happens so it can be quickly resolved.

WordPress is Rapidly Growing

WordPress is a growing community, and it's important to keep your site constantly up-to-date. Our hands-on service ensures new updates are safely installed. We test updates in a staging environment, make sure all updates run smoothly, and only then do we push changes to production.

Our update service includes

  • Initial site review, ensuring each client's site is safe to update.
  • Backups made before major updates.
  • Updates to Plugins, Themes and WordPress.
  • Immediate patches for security updates.

Complete Transparency

It's all well and good to have us take care of things for you, but it's also nice to know whats going on behind the scenes. Each month we will send you a report letting you know what we've taken care of.

We're proud of our monthly service and we want you to know what we're up to!

Our monthly reporting includes

  • Number of backups made.
  • Malware scans and ways to resolve any detected security issues.
  • Number of updates carried out.
  • Enhancements added.

Pick a monthly support plan now!

Monthly Support Plans

A choice to suit any budget. We wanted to try and offer our servicesto everyone, whether it be a small starter business or a rapidly growing project! Pick which plan works best for you, or ask us to tailor a solution for you.


$50 / month

  • Fort-nightly off-site backups
  • WordPress core & plugin updates
  • Monthly report


$239 / month

  • 2 hour high priority design/development work on retainer
  • Daily off-site backups
  • WordPress core & plugin updates
  • Sucuri Malware scans, WordFence scans & iThemes Security scans
  • Monthly WordPress optimisation
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Weekly report

Starter Plus

$99 / month

  • Weekly off-site backups
  • WordPress core & plugin updates
  • Sucuri Malware scans
  • Monthly WordPress optimisation
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly report

We'll get you off the ground

Let us take care of everything. We will manage your website, so you can manage your business.

It's daunting. We get it.

Sorting out your hosting and domain name are the first steps in getting your new site off the ground. It can also be pretty confusing. Leave it to us, we can handle your new project from the very get-go so you don't have to think about the tech!

We offer our own hosting solution for simple sites, or we can arrange third-party hosting for projects with more demanding requirements.

Our hosting service includes

  • Set up of hosting and domain if required.
  • Use our simple and cheap hosting or let us find the best third-party solution.
  • We will handle it all, from pointing your domain to your hosting to setting up email addresses for you and your staff.
  • We favour Australian based web hosts so your WordPress site loads faster for local viewers.

Welcome to WordPress

After you have your domain, hosting and emails all set up, its time to delve into the world of WordPress! We can help set up a WordPress installation for you and set it up with any plug-ins and themes you may have had in mind.

Want to stand out from the crowd? We can help. We can work with you to develop a custom theme for your new WordPress install.

Our setup service includes

  • Installtion of the latest wordpress version
  • Install any plugins that you want to use.
  • Aquire and install pre-made themes.
  • Custom themes made from scratch to match your brand.

Moving from here, to there.

Maybe you feel like you've outgrown your existing web host, or you've simply found a better option out there. We can assist in moving your WordPress installation while ensuring absolute minimum down time and zero chance of data loss.

Our migration service includes

  • Off-site backups made before migration.
  • Set up behind the scenes to get ready for the move.
  • Testing before hand to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Stand out from the crowd

You're going to love your new website. We have years of design and development expirence, as well as having worked with some of the best branding consultants.


We understand how important it is to ship a product on time. We will work to a provided timeline to ensure that your new website goes live when you need it to.

Responsive Design

The online world is becoming increasingly mobile, which is why we always design with smaller screens and tocuh based input in mind.

Custom Design

We've been doing this for a while, and we're rather good at it. We can work with you to find a style and structure for your new site, or we can work from a supplied brand-book. Either way, it will be unique, and you'll fall in love with it.


If you're looking to set up a new online sales business, or expand out from your brick and mortar based shop, we can help you to delve into the world of online sales using premium WordPress plug-ins that work flawlessly with the custom theme that we'll make you.

Expert team

We are a team of professional web designers and developers from around Australia who know their stuff and are ready to prove it to you. There's no need to pay agency level prices.


We can even provide custom documentation for you to refer to in future so that you can work on your new WordPress site without needing to contact us developers! If further assistance is needed, we're always just a call or email away!